Incline Tram

[easingslider id=”129″]Make the most of your incredible view with easy access from top to bottom with a reliable, easy to use, and trusted hillside tram from Marine Innovations, Inc. Also known as incline lifts, they are built with safety as the number one priority. Residential models are most often used for difficult terrain and super steep elevations, whilst commercial models are ideal for mariners, resorts, beach and yacht clubs, and more.

  • Drum Drive and Traction Drive systems available.
  • Weight capacities range from 860# – 1200# – 2000# and up.
  • Specs include code compliant design:
    ASME A.17.5.4 (Residential) and ASME A.17.5.1 (Commercial).
  • Built with rugged, heavy duty materials and components.
  • Allows for more flexibility in landscape and construction design.

With so many options and accessories, you are sure to find the right tram for your property. The list below gives you some idea of the flexibility of these hillside trams.

  • Automatic cab doors
  • Carriage canopy/sunbrella
  • Carriage/cab lighting
  • Conduit for 110 power to lower landing
  • Custom carriage designs & colors
  • Docking stations for battery charging
  • Door interlocks
  • Double-cable drive systems
  • Enclosed, heated cabs
  • Energy chain
  • Marine rail
  • PC system
  • Phone/communication systems
  • Safety gates
  • Safety switches
  • Self-leveling systems
  • Stainless steel rail and cable for saltwater
  • Stairway systems
  • Wheelchair doors

A family run company, the owner of Marine Innovations quotes.
“You can take comfort in the fact that we are the only hillside tram company with in-house manufacturing, which means we’re in complete control from start to finish. Every piece of galvanized steel, cable, bolt and screw has to meet our quality standards or it doesn’t become part of a Marine Innovations funicular.”


Beautiful shots of our system in Lake Oswego Oregon. Ross Baldwin of Elite Lift and Elevator was our partner in this one!!!

Posted by Marine Innovations, Inc. on Wednesday, August 5, 2015